1 in 10 people diagnosed with early cancer are misdiagnosed

Cancer is currently the leading cause of death due to disease. However, there is no disease that is as easy to confuse as cancer in treatment and has many misdiagnosis. There are too many people who are misdiagnosed as cancer because of a simple boil or inflammation, and their stomach or breasts are completely amputated or their lives are lost. In order to avoid such an unfortunate incident, above all, listen carefully to the doctor's diagnosis and think more carefully.

You may have heard many stories of cancer being cured by this method, or recovery from terminal cancer. But was the cancer they were talking about really cancer? I am very suspicious of that. In the drama, the doctor sees a shadow in the lungs. It is also a problem to often say that the cancer has recurred. There are quite a few doctors who say this in real life.

In order to diagnose cancer, a pathological examination in which cells are collected and checked under a microscope is absolutely necessary. However, even if the cell type is cancer, there are many latent cancers or similar cancers that remain in the mucous membrane and do not infiltrate or metastasize.

In 2005, the American cancer-related medical journal <Cancer> stated that "the probability of a misdiagnosis of an early cancer diagnosis is 12 percent when it is high." In addition, the same lesion is sometimes diagnosed as a benign tumor in other countries, cancer in Japan, or a completely different diagnosis in Japan. (Makoto, 57-58)

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