Incorrect use of drugs can lead to fatal side effects.

When I was a child (Makoto Kondo), my father, a medical practitioner, gave me an injection when I had a fever. When he contracted malaria and had a high fever, he was given an overdose of antibiotics, so his leg muscles were so degenerated that he couldn't bend his knees, and he almost got muscular dystrophy. Because of that, I had to limp for a while.

Of course, the cure for malaria may be thanks to antibiotics. However, although helpful in treatment, there is a risk of disability as a side effect. Nevertheless, my father and I firmly believed in medicine. When I was in the upper grades of elementary school, when the flu was rampant, I brought 10 of my classmates and asked my father to give me a vaccination. At that time, my father gave injections to his friends without even chasing me, so I even stumbled inside. After that, I followed in his father's footsteps to pursue medicine. I went to school and got married. After the child was born, I gave my child medicine without hesitation. Because they did not know about the harm caused by the wrong use of the drug. It wasn't until I became a doctor that I realized just how badly drugs can harm our bodies.

Many children suffer from brain damage as a result of the side effects of flu vaccines or antipyretic drugs, resulting in dementia or even death overnight. No flu vaccine or antipyretic has the power to prevent or cure illness.

When I found out about this, my spine was really chill. It made me realize how dangerous things I've done so far.

With this case as an opportunity, I have to find a way to take only the good part of medical care and avoid the risk. He had a desperate wish to reduce at least one needlessly painful treatment or tragic death. 24-25p

We would like to thank Makoto Kondo, an honest doctor.

Nevertheless, the right amount of medicine at the right time can save a person's life. The problem is abuse.

One of our local clinicians always tells us to reduce the number of medications as much as possible without prescribing more than 3 pills.

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