As we age, blood vessels lose elasticity and harden, so blood pressure needs to be a little high for blood to flow to every corner of our body.

In order to maintain adequate shale in the body, it is recommended to walk a lot on a regular basis. This is because blood does not stay in the lower half of the body and circulates throughout our body.

Cholesterol makes cells strong, so it is better not to reduce it. In fact, people with high cholesterol live longer. There is no need to intentionally avoid foods such as steak or fish belly because they have high cholesterol levels.

Carbohydrates are also one of the important energy sources for the brain, so there is no need to limit your intake. Let's remember that the joy of eating delicious food leads to the will to live, leading to longevity.

And move your hands, feet, and head diligently to keep your body from rusting. Also, let's fully express our joys and sorrows and continue to activate our five senses. The best way to stay healthy is to not let your body and senses stagnate.

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