If you look around, there are many people who think that even a slight cough or fever should go to the hospital. Why do so many people like hospitals so much? The reason may be that the Japanese are sincere and worried, but above all, if they have a medical insurance card, anyone can receive medical treatment at any desired medical institution at the same price anywhere in the country.

It is something to be proud of as a Japanese that, when you turn on the faucet, safe drinkable water gushes out, and you can freely receive world-class medical services to your heart's content. But if you look at it differently, it means that patients can go to the hospital as if they were going to a convenience store. This is where the big pitfall lies.

People run to the hospital immediately when they sneeze, and doctors prescribe a bunch of medicines such as cough medicines, antipyretics, inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and gastrointestinal drugs only if they find that they have handcuffs. Where is that? Shall I report your blood pressure? Oh, your blood pressure is a little high. I think it would be better to take medicine. I'm also concerned about my blood sugar level. In many cases, he recommends testing one after another. Patients thank the doctor for such a kind word as a kind teacher.

And every year, they get a flu shot and get regular health checkups and cancer tests. If you hear that your blood pressure is high or that you can see shadows in the hye, you will get tired of blue and take the medicine as told by the doctor and undergo a detailed examination. In particular, when diagnosed with cancer, standard treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are accepted as recommended by the doctor.

Patients do not realize that healthcare is a business and that it is a doctor's livelihood. Most doctors today cannot survive unless they bring the sick to the hospital as much as possible. In short, you are a seal who falls for the doctor's coaxing rumors. Beyond giving your important time and money to the doctor, it can even shorten your life.(Kondo Makoto- 34-35p.)

Everything in the world is the same. Where would it be for doctors? Everyone is working for their own livelihood, and because of that work, they have no choice but to be kind to others. After all, most people get paid and work not only for themselves, but also for others. Companies, the self-employed, factory workers, hospital workers, judges, doctors, etc. Everyone has to work for others to make a living. How can you say it's bad? However, excessive amounts of encouragement, coercion, and unreasonable behavior will be a problem. Who can say that it is a sin for a doctor to draw in a patient? However, if you overdo anything, you will get sick.

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