The reason he died while suffering from cancer was not because of cancer, but because of cancer treatment. But the doctor says it's definitely because of cancer. Don't be fooled by that. Basically, if you don't have any symptoms and you can eat deliciously, you don't have to worry about hearing the doctor tell you where is bad or if cancer is found. If the treatment is rushed at this time, the lifespan will be shortened by that much. Now, as long as you try to find medical information, you can get as much information as you want through books or the Internet.

If you have trusted and followed only the doctor about the disease, you need to change your thinking, doubt the doctor, and make it a habit to find out and think about the disease yourself.

In short, you have to learn how not to be killed by a doctor so that you can make your own and protect yourself from meaningless death. Because there is only one life, my body, and my life. - Makoto Kondo-

But people who have never had cancer do not understand cancer patients. Common, difficult, and miserable. The same goes for those around you who see you like that. The patient's ability to judge for himself is weakened. This is especially true for critically ill patients. How could one do research and search for disease on their own in a painful situation? The patient needs help from someone around him. In particular, they desperately want help from medical professionals.

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