Do doctors really prevent or cure your illness?

As a doctor, it's embarrassing to say, but the answer is no. 90% of diseases such as colds, headaches, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia (hyperlipidemia), arrhythmias, and cancer.  

Even if you are treated by a doctor It does not heal or speed up recovery. In addition, the risk of side effects or sequelae is very high. For example, no cold medicine has yet been discovered that works against the cold virus and cures the common cold. Temporarily relieves unpleasant symptoms such as fever reducers or cough medicines.

Symptomatic drugs may temporarily relieve the body, but slow recovery. Symptoms such as fever or cough. These are all signs that your body is fighting to get rid of the virus. Allopathic medicines only interfere with our body's ability to heal. Medications such as the flu vaccine or Relenza (the world's first inhaled flu drug sprayed in the mouth and inhaled) are, There is no medical evidence that actually prevented or cured the flu. At the very least, it is at a level where the effect is expected.

On the other hand, a significant number of people have died from side effects of cold medicines or flu vaccines. (Among 47 ways not to be killed by a doctor (author, Makoto Kondo))

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