One day, a patient came to me and said, Sir, I almost died. I was vaccinated against the flu, but my condition did not improve and I was taken to the hospital. Whatever it was, it was really scary. I advised: That's because of the vaccination. 

But the next year, the man came again and said, "I got the flu shot this year," he said. It sounds like a comical story, but when you are in a hospital, you actually experience these kinds of things often. Like a moth flying into the flames, There are too many people who run to doctors and lose their lives or shorten their lives.

The Japanese are the world's favorite people for hospitals. I visit the hospital on average 14 times a year, This number is more than double that of developed countries.

Health checkups and cancer screenings are also encouraged at the national level, so they are diligently tested.

“If you go to the hospital, what will the doctor do?” “Doctors are experts in diseases, so they will know how to prevent and treat them.” Most people trust and follow doctors without much thought, so even if they have had a near-death experience, they go to the doctor again.

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