Lifestyle tips to improve reflux esophagitis

- Sleep with your upper body slightly elevated.

- If the correct posture is uncomfortable, sleep on your left side.

- Do not lie down immediately after eating (digestion takes place at least 3 to 4 hours after eating).

- Late night meals (3 hours before bedtime) and overeating are prohibited

- Avoid caffeine, alcohol, carbonated drinks and smoking.

- Avoid chocolate, mint candy, and high-fat foods.

- Do not eat fruit on an empty stomach or eat a lot of fruit at once.

- Eat a regular diet, chew thoroughly, and eat slowly. (The news.)

- Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing that can increase abdominal pressure.

- People who are obese should lose weight.

- Do aerobic exercise for about an hour every day (about 1-2 hours after meals).