[Bad food for diabetes]

1) Instant foods (all processed foods)

Butter, cheese, ham, sausage, canned food, jajangmyeon, ramen, bread, hamburger, hot dog, toast, pizza, cider, cola, chocolate,

Biscuits, sweets, sweets, ice cream, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, coffee, synthetic seasonings, white sugar, seasoning salt, etc.


2) Animal meat products

Beef, pork, chicken, dog meat, milk, eggs, etc.


3) Fried foods

Various fried foods such as donuts, donuts, pork cutlet, whole chicken, shrimp tempura, and fish tempura


4) Salty and spicy stimulant foods (If you eat bamboo salt instead of regular salt, it will help diabetes.)

 5) Salted foods

☆ In addition to food, stress, obesity, excessive drinking, overeating, overwork, smoking, lack of exercise, drug addiction, etc. should be avoided.

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