[Good food for diabetes]

Foods that are good for diabetes include pine needles, fresh arrowroot juice, donggul tea, Eugeun skin (elm root bark), walnut extract, evening primrose oil, Onion, garlic field, black bean soybean paste, mistletoe, cucumber, kelp, abalone, mugwort, lemon or tangerine (tangerine preferred), carrot, Persimmon juice, saury, celery, potatoes, peanuts, sweet potatoes, cheonma, bamboo salt, etc. are helpful foods.

These foods are helpful for diabetes, but they are not cures. (Of course, looking at the literature and experience cases, these foods are clearly helpful for diabetes. lthough helpful, other factors such as diet, exercise, a positive mind, Diabetes can be overcome when comprehensive factors such as one's will are put together. 

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