Hypertension is not a “curable” disease, but a “controlled” disease. Continuous management such as drug treatment and lifestyle improvement is required. Treatment can be broadly divided into lifestyle therapy and drug therapy. In managing high blood pressure, it is very important to follow a lifestyle along with drug therapy. Blood pressure is not very high (systolic blood pressure less than 159 mmHg, diastolic blood pressure less than 99 mmHg, stage 1)

If there are no complications due to hypertension and there are no risk factors, Lifestyle therapy is started without any medication, and if it is still not controlled, drug therapy is used. Blood pressure is very high (systolic blood pressure 160 mmHg or higher, diastolic blood pressure: 100 mmHg or higher hypertension, stage 2) 

 If there are complications or risk factors, drug therapy is started from the beginning, and at the same time lifestyle therapy is also used in combination. In case of stage 1 hypertension, reduce weight, limit salt intake, and reduce alcohol intake.  You can manage it by increasing the amount of exercise.

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