Meat from animals with a higher body temperature than humans makes the blood cloudy. The required amount of protein is about 1 g per kg of body weight. In fact, I often overdose. Excessive intake of protein causes various damage to the body until it is excreted in the urine. If such excess intake of protein is made from meat or milk, it is due to the absence of dietary fiber.

The deterioration of the superior becomes more severe. Needless to say, excessive consumption of enzymes. If you eat a lot of meat and lack dietary fiber, the amount of feces will decrease, which may cause constipation or sukbyeon. If this condition continues, 'diverticulum', a pocket-shaped depression in the intestinal wall, is formed. Toxins or suk feces can accumulate here, which can lead to polyps or cancer.

However, the body temperature of cows, pigs, and birds with excess fish is 38.5 to 40 degrees higher than that of humans. In the case of chickens, it is higher than this, 41.5 degrees. As such, the fat of animals with a higher body temperature than humans maintains the most stable state at that temperature. In other words, if it enters the body of a person with a lower body temperature than this, it becomes sticky.

On the other hand, fish maintain a much lower body temperature than humans. When the fish is heated, the fat melts and becomes a rippling liquid. The same thing happens when fish fat enters the human body. Therefore, it is much better for our body to consume fish rather than meat, even if it is animal protein.

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