[Eating Habits Conducive to Diabetes]

 - Consume a certain amount of food that is appropriate for your body weight on a regular basis.

- Reduce flour foods such as white rice and noodles as much as possible, and eat unpolished grains such as brown rice.

- Eat foods high in protein.

- Eat a lot of foods that are good for diabetes and high blood pressure.

(fresh arrowroot juice, evening primrose oil, dung beetle tea, onion, pine needles, soybean, cucumber, field garlic, walnut extract, saury, pumpkin, potato, sweet potato, etc.)

- Excessive intake of carbohydrates raises blood sugar, so it is necessary to limit intake.

- Excessive intake of carbohydrates alone does not cause diabetes.

However, it should not be forgotten that a high intake of refined sugars is more likely to cause diabetes.

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