White rice is a dead food.

 Because white rice is peeled, it oxidizes faster than brown rice. There are no 'bran' and 'embryo' parts in polished rice. It does not germinate even when soaked in water. However, brown rice will germinate if soaked in suitable water. Brown rice is a living food with vitality.

The seeds of plants have many hidden enzymes so that they can germinate when the right environment is provided. Also, make sure that the seeds do not germinate carelessly. It contains a powerful substance called 'trypsin non-heater' that inhibits germination.

The reason why eating uncooked grains, beans, and potatoes is harmful to our body. This is because a large amount of digestive enzymes are consumed to neutralize the trypsin non-heater. However, this trypsin deheater disappears when heat is applied, so it is best to eat all grains after heating. 

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