Oil cooking is not suitable for our body.

  Oil (fat) is decomposed and digested by the pancreas, but the pancreatic function of Asians is weak compared to those of Westerners who have been eating oily food for a long time. If you can't give up fried or stir-fried dishes, at least reduce the number of times you eat them.

 When eating, chew firmly and mix with saliva to neutralize trans fatty acids to some extent. Do not eat oily dishes that have been cooked for a long time after cooking because oxidation occurs quickly. 

[ How to properly consume essential fatty acids ]

Unsaturated fatty acids are good fatty acids and are necessary for maintaining the functions of the heart, circulatory system, brain, and skin. It is safest to consume unsaturated fatty acids contained in fish. Humans need fat without adding artificially salted or extracted fats. It is enough to eat foods containing fat in a natural way. It is eating whole grains, legumes, peanuts or plant seeds, etc., which are raw materials for oil.

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