1. Drink coffee for a quality nap

A study published in Japan found that people who took a coffee nap had better brain activity than a regular nap.

A coffee nap here refers to consuming about 200 mg of caffeine and immediately taking a 20-minute nap.

Why did this result happen?

 New York-based neurologist Ellen Toffey explained this result by referring to a substance called 'Adenosine', a byproduct of brain activity.

He said, "Adenosine wakes people up and makes them active. When adenosine levels rise, we get tired easily.

However, taking a nap removes adenosine, and caffeine blocks adenosine, making fatigue go away easily.”

2. For healthy teeth, do not brush immediately after eating.

Foods that contain acids, such as sports drinks, sodas, tomatoes and citrus fruits, dissolve tooth enamel.

Howard Gamble, a former president of the American Dental Association, suggested, "If you brush your teeth immediately after eating, the effect of acid on your teeth will be faster."

3. Gain weight to be slimmer.

There are cases when two people with the same weight have significantly different body types.

It's a matter of muscle mass. Even with the same weight of fat and muscle, the volume of muscle is much less.

"It's not just about losing weight when you lose weight," said Sako Sports' health trainer Mark Nutting. After that, if you lose weight, you can have a strong body much faster.”

4. Eat more to eat less.

Eating a bag of sweets with about 100 kcal in calories instead of a meal seems to help with weight loss.

However, it can actually interfere with your diet. Amy Goodson, a Texas health medicine expert, said, "Eating a small amount of carbohydrates for a short time raises blood sugar in the body and makes you want more carbohydrates." can do,” he said.

He suggested eating peanut butter or string cheese with an apple rather than a bag of cookies.

 “Of course, it may be higher in calories than sweets, but peanut butter and string cheese are rich in protein and apples contain fiber, which makes you feel full for a much longer time. will be consumed,” he said.

5. Don't drink energy drinks even if you're tired.

Energy drinks contain five times as much caffeine as coffee. This can cheer you up for a while, but soon it can lead to tension, extreme fatigue, and an abnormal heartbeat.

6. Drink more water when pouring.

Drinking water when you feel your face or body is swollen is known to make the situation worse, but in fact, water can help relieve swelling.

"Water combines with the fiber we eat and turns into a gel, which works inside the body for better digestion, reducing swelling," said James Lee, a physician in Orange County, California.

Drinking plenty of water also helps with antioxidants. Dr. Li said, "This is because it flushes out unnecessary toxins from the body."

7. Do not drink diet drinks.

If you really want to be healthy, cut out all carbonated drinks, including diet drinks.

A study conducted at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that overweight or obese people consumed more calories when they drank a diet drink than those who drank regular soda. This is because, as mentioned above, when you eat fewer carbohydrates, your body will want more carbohydrates. "Actually, 'low calories' is the correct expression, not 'zero calories'," Goodson said. "The added sweetener contains a certain amount of calories.

However, the amount is small, so there is no need to list it.”

8. Drink hot tea if it's hot.

On a summer afternoon, people usually drink cold coffee to cool off. But in India and the Middle East, people drink hot tea even in hot weather.

What is the reason? According to one study, when you sip hot tea with each sip, your body detects changes in body temperature and starts sweating.

Therefore, after drinking the tea, the body temperature naturally goes down. This is why you feel cool after drinking hot tea.

9. The more tired you are, the more exercise you should do.

After a long, tedious job, anyone is hesitant to exercise. I feel tired even after sitting all day.

However, sweating after exercise can give you energy. According to a study published in the American pharmaceutical journal Medicine Science, emotional fatigue can be relieved through physical fatigue.

"Exercise may be physically exhausting, but emotionally it can make you a lot more relaxed," says Nutting.

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