If you have been diagnosed with cancer in charge

The general public thinks that when the cancerous mass disappears or shrinks in size with chemotherapy, it is cured or can live longer.

But in fact it is not. That's what people are mistaken about. Gallbladder cancer disappears very rarely with anticancer drugs, accounting for around 1% of underweight patients. With the exception of testicular tumors or chorionic epithelial cancer, the probability of complete disappearance of other cancers is the same.

And even the precious 1% is not cured. Even if it is completely eliminated, the cancer mass is only reduced to a size that cannot be detected by examination, but the cancer will inevitably grow again.

And since anticancer drugs are toxic, repeated tours will quickly reach a lethal dose. Cancer treatment specialists deceive the world by claiming that cancer is effective when it is reduced or eliminated.

It can be said that it is a ruse to mislead people by only introducing the cancer mass to the media when it has completely shrunk and not telling the patient about the patient's future condition. I think the article that the cancer is gone is nothing but a scam. (Kondo Makoto 228)

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