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What are the characteristics of the liver organ?

5 Mar 2023
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What are the characteristics of the liver organ?

In our body, various organs work in harmony to carry out ultimate life activities. That is, the circulatory system that maintains blood pressure, the respiratory system that exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide, the digestive system that digests food and excretes waste products, the kidney system that controls moisture and excretes waste from the body, the nervous system including the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves, The musculoskeletal system consists of muscles and skeletons, and the liver is included in the digestive system. The liver is located in the upper right abdomen and is normally protected by the ribs.

Unlike the kidney or pancreas, the liver is an indispensable organ for maintaining life because there is no artificial replacement technology, unlike the kidney or pancreas. It performs various roles such as elimination, immune response to toxins or bacteria. Even if the liver is resected by surgery or trauma, its recovery is excellent enough to restore its normal size and function within one month, and its reserve capacity is very large, so in most cases the person is not aware of it until there is significant damage.

Therefore, even if there is liver cirrhosis or liver cancer, it is difficult to detect the disease early because there are many cases in which the person is not aware of it and visits the hospital only after it has progressed a lot. Therefore, if you have an underlying liver disease, such as viral hepatitis, which is a risk factor for liver cirrhosis or liver cancer, it is very important to receive regular checkups and manage it even if you do not have symptoms. Even in the case of alcoholic liver disease, even after progressing to cirrhosis, the person may have almost no subjective symptoms, so it is necessary to make a habit of checking and managing the liver.

Another characteristic of the liver is that there is no such thing as a particularly good restorative medicine or special medicine for the liver. All exogenous substances entering the body, including food and drugs, are metabolized in the liver in any form. Metabolites generated at this time can cause specific reactions and damage the liver, so it is dangerous to take care of the liver with specific folk remedies. It should be borne in mind that it is possible

The liver is an important organ that functions like a complex industrial complex essential for life support. He is like a deep-seated friend who absorbs and handles most stimuli and toxins and rarely reveals his difficulties, but if liver disease is not managed well in the early stages, it can progress to cirrhosis and become an irreversible situation. Therefore, even if there are no symptoms, it is necessary to pay attention to the liver, especially if you have chronic viral hepatitis or alcoholic liver disease.

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